Q Mountain Vista Water had a long standing history of unexplained water loss.  On Feb. 19, 2015 in an Open Board of Director's meeting, your Board Directors voted unanimously to apply to the Water Infrastructure Finance Authority (WIFA )for grant funding to complete preliminary engineering and begin the process of replacing the water company infrastructure. The BOD was successful in obtaining $30,000 in grant funds from WIFA, combined with $10,000 paid in Company funds and $10,000 in contributed services  of Board Members, the preliminary engineering was completed in Oct. 2016. On Sept. 1, 2016 in an Open Board of Director's meeting, your Board Directors voted unanimously to apply to WIFA for the necessary funds to repair and upgrade the Water Company infrastructure. At the conclusion of a very long process that included reporting monthly water loss, environmental studies to ensure the protection of wildlife, environmental studies to protect the washes to the east and west of the subdivision and detailed financial accounting to support affordability,  the BOD secured a loan for $576,776 that was used to replace for construction of Phase I of the Project. The 20 year loan includes an interest rate of 3.289% and forgiveness of $288,388 of the principal amount. The Company is only required to repay $288,388 of the amount borrowed.

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Q Mountain Vista Water Company
Q Mountain Vista Water is pleased to announce that Phase I of construction of the Water Pipeline Replacement and Upgrade Project is complete. Phase I improvements consisted of approximately 9,080 linear feet of 6-inch PV mains installed in a looped configuration with a focus on the mains that run North to South in the subdivision. In addition, new service lines were installed and connected to new meters and fourteen new fire hydrants were installed.
Phase I construction was financed by the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF). The DWSRF program is administered by the Water Infrastructure Finance Authority (WIFA) of Arizona with joint funding from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Arizona. 

Phase II of the Water Pipeline Replacement and Upgrade Project will replace the remaining pipeline network that runs East to West across the water distribution system. The pipelines will consist of replacing approximately 5,250 linear feet of older 2-inch and 4-inch lines with 6-inch PVC pipes. In addition fire hydrants will be provided every 500 feet within the subdivision. New service lines will be connected to the new meters that are currently in place.

The Board of Directors is currently reviewing it's options for financing Phase II.
For more information regarding the history of Q Mountain Vista's water loss and water rate increase applications filed with the Arizona Corporation Commission click here.  In the "Company, DBA, or Respondent Name" field type in "Q Mountain Mobile Home Park" and click on the green "SEARCH" button. 12 Dockets related to Q Mountain Mobile Home Park will be displayed for preview.

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